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  1. Hi there , i'm working with the ductch windows version (windows 7) of evernote . if i click "ok", after changing the destination notebook under ( "extra >options>clipping functionality") to the selection "specify destination notebook" (a in printscreen ) the destination notebook is automatically reset to the first option " use standard notebook". in other words , I can not change the destination clipping notebook . http://www.evernote.com/shard/s443/sh/41d6961d-fdcd-493a-990f-48fa7edaf262/068aac735ec22d04421381890d7dd775 How can I solve this? kind regards JP,
  2. Thx for the advice , On my ipad it works just fine now, but on my desktop ( windows 7 and outlook 2013) the suggested labels are still those from the personal notebook. do need to do something for that ticket ? i'm new ....
  3. Hello Guys, I'm new to EN since a week, first premium and know i'm setting up the business-account so we can start swiftly after the holiday's. after searching the forum I still have these questions. I'm using the latest Dutch EN versions on Windows en IOS When I use the clip button "Ad To EN" in outlook 2013, and start typing in the field a "label/tag" I only get suggestions referring to my personal tags. Is it possible to get suggestions from the business labels as well? Also I Can not change the destination notebook in "the EN windows version". I will by default go back to my (standard ) personal inbox . How can I change it permanent? 3 times my IOS devices ( ipad and iPhone ) showed " evernote has stopped unexpectedly " followed by (send report) or not . These options are not selectable ( frozen) . the only thing I can do is remove the app en install again . and of course are the OS of these devices up to date. Thx for a quick response Geerts Jean-Pierre CO
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