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  1. I am using evernote on my android HTC Desire S, where gps is really very poor and also turned off to save a battery, then on my iPad which lacks GPS at all and on macbook where the situation is the same. I am travelling between two homes and as I said, I would like to have this feature for ideas or to-dos that i come up on the way, or on the way to school etc. SSIDs at my homes or in school/work are the same and will be the same for another years. And I must disagree with you on the part where you said that it would be for grocery stores or bank etc. When i go to such place, I know and surely will remember what I want to do, and if I dont I know there is a note for it in my Evernote.
  2. Hello, I've been using evernote for quite some time and most of my reminders are the kind "when I arrive home i have to do X". So I always set up reminder for time I expect to arrive home. But i always guess the time wrong so the reminder either pops up 20 minutes earlier and by the time i get home I totally forget about it or pops up 20 minutes later when I have already left home away. So the request is: could you add a feature that a reminder pops up the moment my mobile connects to a certain WiFi. The way I imagine it, you create a reminder, then on the screen with date/time you click some kind of wifi icon which displays list of WiFis you have saved in your phone/tablet/notebook, you select the one you want (for example your home wifi) and the moment your phone connects to it, reminder pops up. Thats about it, keep up the good work!
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