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  1. Aw man, that's a bummer, but I can tell from the lack of updates that it must not have been getting the usage you guys envisioned for it. I guess you have to go where your users are. One crucial question though: any meal notes that were created with the app are Locked for editing in Evernote proper. Will those notes now become editable now that all Evernote Food data is being migrated to Evernote? If not, I suggest your dev team start working on that stat—I'll be really pissed if my meal notes suddenly become static, un-editable documents!
  2. Just wanted to second this, as this is the first thread I've found in the forums dedicated to plain old writing problems with Penultimate 6 and the Jot Script. It's staggering how bad Evernote's own endorsed product is at taking notes it its own writing app, especially when compared to how decently well (emphasis decently well) it works it other handwriting apps (Goodnotes, etc.) If there were one priority I would suggest for the Penultimate team, it's to improve the actual handwriting epxerience in Penultimate using the Jot Script—the latest update definitely improved writing with a plain old capacitive stylus, but the smart stylus I bought from Evernote's own marketplace is useless junk in the app. Bringing the actual writing experience in Penultimate with a bluetooth stylus to the level of competitor apps will bring me back, but for now I'm not even opening it.
  3. Just for the record for any Evernote support folks reading this thread, this problem went away for me when I upgrade to the iPhone 6. Not at all a fix for this really serious problem, but maybe it adds a layer of information that can help squash the bug?
  4. Just want to second @gigiwasabi on the multiple note select. This is currently the only feature that keeps me going back and forth between the beta and the old web client. Since merging notes is one of the most powerful features of the desktop and web clients, here's my vote to add all of the multiple note select features to the next web release!
  5. Bless your heart. Yes! I always switch to dark/night mode on apps and sites that allow it. So much easier on my eyes. Wow, yes. Thanks for bringing this suggestion back up mhpdx. There's still time for Evernote to be current on this increasingly standard UI feature. This would be a fantastic addition to the web client, especially given the whole ease-of-use, distraction-free user experience they're going for with the redesign.
  6. Awesome that we're now seeing reminders on notes and notebooks. That addition brought it up enough to where I can actually try to start using the beta as the main web client. Now that I'm doing that, I wanted to suggest another hugely helpful feature for navigating the dense network of data Evernote helps you create: search by tag or notebookInterestingly, this could be simultaneously implemented by a UI double-click on the tag at note level, similar to how a gmail label on an individual email runs a search for that labelThat would save a lot of scroll time when tracking down individual notes when searching won't work.
  7. Nice! I can see a little bit too. Just to confirm, are you noticing only a reminders list at the top of a notebook, but no tools for applying a reminder directly to a note?
  8. Awesome, thanks so much for sending this along, @metrodetroiter. I'm glad it's a part of the regular process now and they're working on it. That's half the battle sometimes!
  9. Just replying here that I'm experiencing the same problem. Its happened on both my iPad mini iOS 8 app and iPhone 5c, but it seems to not have happened as much on the iPad recently. It's still a problem on the iPhone. It's not clear what I was doing every time just before leaving the app—probably a multitude of things—but the common occurrence (probably once every couple of days) is that once I open the app again, I notice that I was not asked for a passcode after my preset 5 minutes had elapsed. I go into my settings in the app, tap "Premium," and sure enough, passcode lock is listed as "off." I then reset my passcode until it happens again. Please help in whatever way you can to get this issue looked at—it's definitely disconcerting, since I have no way of knowing when the app will unlock itself. I haven't submitted a support ticket yet. Since I don't know if I can reproduce the issue, do you recommend that I do, @gazumped?
  10. Serious props to the OP—this is a largely civil discussion on some passionate topics! My list echoes what has been said, but I'd like to add to the list: Mouse-over for the left-hand nav icons (you currently have to click into the shortcut, notebook, note, and tag lists—when switching between note streams quickly, that extra click is irritating)Option to toggle formatting bar to appear on text select (as it currently does) or lock at the top, for notes with heavy text formattingOther than that, everything else has been covered. Oh please bring back reminders and searching on the notebook and tag lists first!
  11. Hey there everyone, I was looking for a way to free up some space in my iCloud, when I noticed that my Evernote app takes up a ton of space when it is backed up. Since all of my note data is stored on Evernote's servers, it seems redundant to also have some of it stored on Apple's. I'm thinking here of this number, marked with an arrow, right here: The problem is, using the in-app clear cache feature (Settings > Support > Clear Cache) doesn't change this amount, and I can't figure out a way to lower it. Of course, I'm sure just deleting the app and reinstalling it could do it, but I'd obviously like to avoid that hassle if possible. Additionally, I can always just turn of the slider so Evernote's app data isn't backed up to iCloud, but I also want to be able to free up space on my phone by clearing this data out. Any help is much appreciated!!
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