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  1. good ideas. I will have to try testing it then. Thank you!
  2. Hi gazumped, Thank you for your reply! I use J-Pilot on my linux computers and have used it for probably a decade. I had my first palm back in '99 or so. I no longer have it. In J-Pilot, - I can export my Memo Pad to: text and CSV. - I can export my Datebook and To Do List to: text, CSV and iCalendar - I can export my Memos to: text, CSV, vCard, vCard(Optimized for Gmail/Android import) and ldif (not sure if "ldif" begins with an I or an L.). I don't know anything about exporting data. Is this something that can be imported in to Evernote? Thank you.
  3. Hello, I would like to use a PIM on my Windows 7 machine. For years I've been using J-Pilot. I had a Palm Pilot which I synced to my Linux desktop and kept the data in J-Pilot. Although I no longer have the hardware (Palm Pilot) I still use the software, J-Pilot. Is it possible to export from J-Pilot and import in to Evernote? I apologize if I'm not using the correct terminology. Thank you for your time and any suggestions you can offer.
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