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  1. tried to open the xodo app, but it only creates a local copy of the pdf which is not saved back to evernote. do you need to do any settings? (I'm on a samsung tab 2)
  2. this will definitively get my vote too. works well on desktop version and made me move my big pdfs from kindle app to evernote. however, annoying there is no similar functionality for droid-app.
  3. Ah, bummer, as they replied I thought it would be quick to ask here as similar problems were already raised. Thanks. Ive raised the issue on their contact links and given the ticket #664967. Of course I want an upgrade some billing troubles should change much in 5-6 days.
  4. Hi, same here. I bought my premium some days ago, but nothing has happened. It is subscribing in google play, but all my apps keep nagging me about buying premium. My android app even constantly reminds me that "purchase failed". When I click it, Evernote tells me youre "processing my premium upgrade". Could you please look into this?
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