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  1. If anyone else is having this problem, I fixed it by doing the following: To uninstall and reinstall the Beta version of Evernote for Windows, follow these steps: 1. Quit the Evernote application; select **File > Exit** 2. Click the **Start** button to open your **Start menu** 3. Go to **Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features** 4. Select **Evernote > Uninstall** 5. Reboot your computer 6. Close Internet Explorer and Outlook (if present) 7. Download and install the Beta version of Evernote (as an Administrator) from www.evernote.com/about/download/get.php?file=PrereleaseWinBeta I'm going to try and fix it by adjusting the ListViewHeight on my home computer, but uninstalling it and reinstalling it is another option.
  2. Yeah, I saw that thread before. I actually don't know how to edit the Evernote key. How do you go about doing that step by step (what kind of file is it and where do I find it in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote\Evernote)? Is it in the NodeWebKit? I don't see a .key file anywhere, if that's what it is. I am on a work computer currently, so it's possible that some of the files may be hidden from me.
  3. No, the icon for resizing the list view section of the screen doesn't even appear when I hover over it. I can still resize the snippet view when I use that, but when I am trying list view it doesn't give it as an option. I could be a random mouse movement closing it down, but I'm not sure what that movement is. I feel like it might be an unresolved bug in the software though.
  4. Hello everyone, I've noticed a problem on both my work and home computers (both are Windows 7 desktops). Sometimes when I'm working, the list view disappears from my evernote screen. It's like the list view got extra small but I can't resize it again. I can only see the open note at the top of the list. When I change to snippet or card view I can see everything fine, but I prefer list view for a bird's eye view. Is there any way to reset the list view screen to default size again? I attached a picture so you can see what it looks like. If you notice in the picture you can read "Sorry, no notes to display." in the small line between the note and list view. It says this even though I have 115 notes in Action Pending. Thanks in advance!
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