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  1. I just did the same upgrade and now it worked fine, didn't even need my administrator password for the installation
  2. That is strange, through the control panel it worked. That means that Revo Uninstaller didn't uninstall everything despite the thorough search in the register. But more important: when you do an upgrade of Evernote the update doesn't look where the program is installed (it neither looks at the system variable %programfiles%). In the update the Licence Agreement isn't shown, so you don't get the possibility to indicate where you want the update. The result is (or was in my case) that the update is installed on the default drive C: which is not preferable. I guess this is a bug in the update of Evernote.
  3. I don't get the License Agreement page. Did an uninstall using Revo Uninstaller. After that tried to install using the latest download. That uncompresses and install right away without any intermediate pages or menus. So now the question is how to get that License Agreement page.
  4. That is exactly why I want to install programs on any drive but C:. I changed the user variable TEMP to a different drive, I created a different system variable %PROGRAMFILES% to point to a different drive, it all helps but not for Evernote. I think it would be a good and sensible addition to Evernote when an installation would be possible on a different drive then the C: drive.
  5. How can I install Evernote on a different drive then the default C: drive under Windows? I don't get a menu where I can indicate the location I want when I run the install program.
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