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  1. @BrendaG, thanks for the tag and conversation about business cards. I no longer use the CRM I previously mentioned. I save my contacts when I scan the business cards. In my current crm I add an EN link to the notes section that is pinned to the side. I realize my database is truly the key to my business success. Hope that helps a little.
  2. Thanks @PinkElephant for your plug on GN5. I am using v4 and was wondering about the differences. I will check it out this weekend.
  3. My task list and 'life' is in Evernote. I like the handwritten note when in a meeting and have been using Rocketbook then snapping everything into EN. My goal is to be paperless. And my summer projects are cleaning up my EN after nearly a decade of use.
  4. Thanks for the OCR reminder @DTLow I am on a search for a digital journal. GoodNotes is my choice at the moment.
  5. Thanks for the comment, @CalS and I do agree that it is relative to one's risk tolerance.
  6. It appears that it would be easier to have a simple 'word count' option versus going through the note details. Better for writers, I suppose.
  7. @xind I believe this has been noted by many and hopefully we will see this update before long.
  8. I would recommend not using Evernote for sensitive information. Period.
  9. @Antonina I use Google Chrome and are wondering if you have other options for browsers. I am not using Firefox and am unaware of any issue at this time.
  10. @MickP sounds like a good idea. I do not believe photos are in drive and that is where Evernote pulls the files when adding to notes. Here is a link to the google photos and google drive options.
  11. I am running Apple High Sierra and using 7.5 Evernote. The screen capture seems to be working fine.
  12. @Etonreve that is a wise recommendation. I would support that feature, thanks for the post. @DTLow is this something that can be implemented?
  13. Hi @TES826, I have not experienced this issue and I am using the same system. I would submit a ticket through support.
  14. I use the Cloze App CRM that allows me to save emails in Evernote.
  15. Happy to know you discovered the process to save and use the templates, @tomnagle. I am finding the templates to be useful.
  16. One thing that I noticed on the Apple Desktop is the ability to simply switch between business and personal accounts and I greatly appreciate that functionality. Thanks, EN.
  17. @DTLow I am trying the Notability app as I am using my iPad and Apple Pencil much more to take notes. I have not stored any notes in Evernote yet. Is there an integration?
  18. I have not really utilized Evernote on my Apple Watch. Something to look into...
  19. I believe the recent update includes a solution to this request.
  20. Thanks, @gazumped for the recommendation to ask support for help. Sometimes I check the forum and not support.
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