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  1. From Evernote Support: FWIW I can't edit Skitch notes in my Windows client, the web interface, or iOS app.
  2. Same here, except that I *can* long-press annotate the image, change the title and notebook, and edit tags. I can't edit the note body, and any taps on the lock icon lead to a failed request to edit. I use 2FA and have signed out and back in on both Skitch and Evernote on my iPhone, and I've tried actively saving images to my Evernote and having Skitch auto-save when I use a different Share action. This bug makes an iOS Skitch -> Evernote workflow broken afaic. I need to add notes to annotated images! The workaround is to put the image directly into a note in the Evernote app and annotate it there. It is perhaps a little more cumbersome, but it will keep me from dropping my phone in the nearest lake...
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