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  1. Vibrate on capture seems to cause the phone to vibrate at the exact moment the image is captured, resulting in a blurred image. Good idea, incorrect timing on execution.
  2. I saw one person here in the forum declare that they have scanned 400 documents so far. I'd like to know how - Scannable frequently crashes when I use it. It's an AWESOME handheld scanner, and I realize it's early on, but the incredible amount of crashes compared to attempts is making it impossible to use for me. I'd like to know from the EN folks how I can work with them to resolve that.
  3. I have occasionally encountered an error as well; sometimes it has been a space in the email title causing the problem. I suggest contacting ChungwaSoft support - they've been very good about working with me. I believe the product works via the Evernote email-in process. However, Evermail adds a terrific GUI to assist in tagging, filing and adding notes. Additionally, you can set it up to include both attachments and the original email as an attachment. Finally, if I'm not mistaken, the email will end up in EN as formatted, so HTML emails should be no problem.
  4. Thank you Annah; I'm surprised and impressed that an EN staffer would respond. I'm also glad to know I was not imagining that I had previously been able to drag & drop emails successfully. I will employ the workaround as needed. I am aware of the ability to email into EN; I actually use an Apple Mail plugin called EverMail which accomplishes that with the original .eml attachment being part of the note. However, the reason this came up is that I needed to add an email, as a .eml attachment, to an existing note.
  5. I just upgraded from 5.5 to 6.0 on the Mac (OS X 10.9). Prior to the upgrade, I was able to drag and drop an email from Mail.app to Evernote, and have it attach to the note as an .eml attachment. At least, I'm 99% sure that I was. When I tried to do this process after the upgrade, I get a link to the email instead...which would be fine, EXCEPT that I might delete the email, because I am supposed to have a copy in.… Evernote. Has anyone else experienced this issue, and does anyone know a workaround? Am I just imagining that I used to do it that way?
  6. Giving a recommendation for ChungwaSoft's EverMail plugin. I had written my own script to save emails to Evernote (both creating a text note of the email and saving a copy of the original .eml in the note), but found the EverMail solution to be simpler, more elegant, and more reliable. The developer was also very responsive to feedback and even incorporated my idea of saving the original .eml in the note.
  7. +1 this idea; I'm trying to automate archiving of select emails with AppleScript, and want the original email as an attachment in the Evernote item. I was thrilled to get so far in the process as to get the email to redirect with the original email as an attachment, and then really deflated to see how Evernote responds to it. There is a workaround, however. By renaming the file extension .emlx (Apple uses .eml, as opposed to Microsoft's .msg), Evernote does not recognize the attachment as an email, and leaves it as an attachment. Thus, if I need the original email, I can simply redownload it as .eml, and I've got the message I need. I assume the same would work with Outlook.
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