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  1. Please bring back this feature!! I fine that clipping is rather pointless without the ability to turn the information into beautiful outlines and study guides. I have the Windows desktop application and iOS application. I loved OneNote for this feature but I like EN more... please give me this ability in Evernote and help to complete my knowledge machine...
  2. Also having this issue with the iOS app. I tried using to scan business cards using my iphone at my last trade show. I have not kept a log of the crash rate but the probability of a crash is high enough for a safe bet. Keep it up devs. I'm rooting for you. Love this feature. The older sales guys think I'm some kind of sorcerer. ____ iPhone 6 Plus - iOS 8.3 - Evernote for Windows 7 - ScanSnap Evernote Edition - Evernote
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