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  1. Hello, I just purchased an iPad Pro 12.9". I was previously working on an iPad Pro 9.7". When working in Penultimate, the background lines are not showing up on notes unless it is a wide ruled lined, graph or dotted. Attached is an image of what I see when trying to change my paper and all of the ones with blank icons yield blank pages when I select them. I have done the following to no avail: Completed a full sync of my account and confirmed that all notes are synced Clicked "restore purchases" under settings to which I am told there is nothing to restore. Can anyone assist with this? I rely heavily on Penultimate for my note-taking an on this big of a screen, narrow ruled paper is an absolutely necessity. Thank you in advance.
  2. I do like Penultimate, but I have not had the best of luck with the syncing of folders. One thing I have noticed with my method is that for some mysterious reason, Evernote doesn't recognize my handwriting in the notes from Notability that I save into Evernote as PDFs. I have never had this problem before. I specifically take my notes in neat printed penmanship so that I can search for text from my handwritten notes once saved in Evernote.
  3. I am in the same boat as you. I would love a better way to mark up PDFs in Evernote. Stitch just doesn't cut it for me. I recently purchased an iPad Pro (smaller version) with Apple Pencil and am using Notability for all of my written note-taking. I loved the ability to design an organizer/note-taking/task list template, convert to PDF and write on in Notability. At the end of the day, I export the final PDF into Evernote for storage and indexing. This actually works quite well for me because with the iPad's split screen capability, I can be in Notability taking notes and split screen with Evernote to review notes from a previous meeting, etc as reference at the same time.
  4. Do you use Penultimate? I had this happen and it was because I had created a Penultimate notebook with the same name as an Evernote notebook, deleted it in Penultimate which caused it to be deleted in Evernote.
  5. This happened to me a few days ago and all I can say is don't create a new notebook. I did this and then the next day all of my old notebooks were back, but the new notebook I had created (and used to record important meeting details) was nowhere to be found.
  6. I actually have the opposite problem - for me the drift speed is too slow, unless I am writing in cursive, which defeats the ability to make my writing searchable. I love the zoom and drift, but being able to regulate the speed, or having it be more intuitive when printing would be a huge improvement.
  7. Does this version store all notes on my hard drive? I unistalled a previous version because it was taking up too much space on my computer's hard drive.
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