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  1. I have been using Evenrnote for 4 years now and have quite and extensive Tag system set up.  The other night while managing things all of my notes were accidentally deleted (all 1500 of them).  I was able to fairly quickly restore them from the trash bin however two things happened during the process.  Upon reviewing my files I noticed that I had lost ALL of my tagging...ALL of it.  Second while coming to this realization Evernote auto synced thus updating my deleted tags on the cloud.   This was four years worth of tagging...some notes had upwards of 10 tags.  Its going to take me weeks to rebuild all of this.  Why does Evernote auto delete all tags if something goes to the trash bin....seems like that should only happen upon the trash itself being emptied.

  2. So I just reinstalled Evernote on my new PC.  Everything downloaded fine and looks ok.  However when I went to the Tag edit screen...its gone?  I used to be able to click on the Tag Icon in the left hand pane and a screen would come up showing all my Tags within their respective hierarchies.  Now when i click on Tags it just gives me a list of all notes associated with the Tags.  I was easy to edit and reorganize tags the old way.  Like when i would add new tags I would just go to the Tag edit screen and drag the new Tag to its proper folder or sub-folder.  Has this changed?

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