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  1. As it seems we are admiring a problem that EN has no intent to solve, I am dropping off this thread. I will do a one-time export of my contacts from EN and be done with it. Hopefully CamCard will work out. So far so good. Once I am through with that, I am going to relook my need for a premium EN account. Taking on new customers only to ignore them is dumb business. Kind of like holding a Grand Opening and then not turning on the lights and unlocking the door. Keep your resume up to date Scott because if this is an EN trend, they are ripe for disruption. You've done a good job here in attemptin
  2. From the other EN-related apps in the appstore, it seems that EN is trying to support a PaaS (Platform as a Service) model, maybe similar to Salesforce. This seems brilliant and so the best outcome might be a PaaS application built on the EN engine by a third party. Why, because many of us like EN and prefer fewer rather than more apps. I suspect you would not be seeing most of this had LinkedIn not forced us into a transition to an application that was clearly not ready to deliver similar or improved capability. At this point, EN should either spin it off or deliver a Cardmunch-like or Cardmu
  3. I can imagine, which is one reason why this is such an issue. In an effort to solve my own problem, I did some googling and found a couple of alternatives. As I type, I am playing with CamCard. They have apps for Android and iOS (free and .99) as well as a web app. Editing actually works consistently across Android and web as does the camera and it syncs to many contact managers. You can export to VCF and CSV as well. While I generally opt for fewer apps, this is important enough that I am not going to compromise on functionality. This was one of my motivations for upgrading to EN premium. If
  4. Having tried it, it is not a "fairly easy process". I export my contacts from the iPhone version of EN to my contacts, yet those contacts don't sync with gmail/google contacts. It would be greatly appreciated if you would share how you've *done* it. This thread is looking strikingly similar to the threads from LinkedIn/CardMunch with: 1) No progress 2) No official or even semi-official communication from the company on a fix (although Scott's participation is appreciated, at least he acknowledges the issue) So, like we did there, if you are aware of a viable alternative please share. Even
  5. Uh, no it isn't "pretty painless" to pass it through Outlook which is why we have this thread. I've tried using the iPhone app to export to contacts which sync with Google which syncs with Outlook. So far, no joy. I really don't understand what it is taking this long to get the business card camera working in Android and the export to contacts available either in the Android app or the one of the desktop apps. Not trying to pick a fight, but the suggest of a simple solution is a little arrogant considering folks in the thread have been at it 8 months.
  6. Yes, LinkedIn was pretty tight-lipped about the demise of CardMunch. I imagine their poor handling of the situation damaged their credibility as will show up the next time they attempt to launch a similar product. I came to EN Hello at that time. One of the primary reasons I use EN is because it supports every OS/platform I own. At the point where the base functionality differs on every platform and EN essentially attempts to dictate the devices I use, I will move on to the next product. While I understand that forecasting release dates has its problems, a complete lack of information hurts th
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