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  1. No suggestions I am afraid other than to agree that I see this too. Very annoying. I find Office Lens on iOS now far better
  2. Based off some of the comments in this thread I have just downloaded the OneNote Evernote importer app. Interestingly it says this: Note: This software is still available for you to download and use, but we are no longer actively developing or supporting this tool.
  3. Interesting that this topic got started, because after having been a huge fan of Evernote for about 6 years and getting to a point where I was shedding paper documents after 'Evernoting' them. But in the last year I have started to get concerned. The two biggest concerns I have are firstly that the document scanning just doesn't seem to work very well anymore and the Office lens on my iPhone seems way better. The second is that Search of OCR'ed text seems very hit and miss now. In the early days it would find the text and put it in a nice yellow box. Doesn't always seem too do that now. M
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