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  1. And the sad thing IT WAS THERE! I stiil have old notes with resized images and being still in original resolution. The main question: why this feature was removed?
  2. I mostly use Ubuntu, and those chages, as far as I remeber, were avaible in the web interface (I use Chromium).
  3. As I was telling, resizing was there!!! just found my notes from 2012, in a view mode the images are small like I reduced them, but in the gallery view they have a good resolution. So please, an answer from the developers: why is that option gone???
  4. Hmmm.... There was this option before.... I was able to click on image and resize it in the note (keeping its resolution for the display). But now it is gone.... And images are other-crowding the notes. It is really dissapointing!
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