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  1. A separate app, called the MegaSound app, will provide the ability to have a custom sound for Evernote, and any other app. So this is a less important feature than I first thought, but still, would be nice to have within Evernote directly.
  2. This is a good question. I also wish I could set a custom notification sound for Evernote reminders in Android.
  3. Just want to add my +1 to the request for a Notification/Pop-up on Windows when a Reminder comes due...
  4. Thus we agree that what I asked for (and is the main topic of this thread), multiple main windows, is different than the topic of your response, about multiple note windows. (I think your response was on a related but parallel topic.) Reading up, one can see earlier posts that said this feature wasn't being implemented because it was too difficult or too complex, and part of my post was to simply point out that isn't accurate. (Sounds like we agree here as well.) Of course the reason it isn't being done is because its not a priority, but by posting here, I am trying to contribute to raising the priority of this issue. I get the sense that you don't think this feature to have multiple main windows, is particularly valuable...and I'm interested to know if that's accurate, and if that's personal preference or you have a specific alternative work-flow suggestion. Oh, and my mention of editing on multiple devices is certainly very relevant to this topic. The topic of multiple main windows raises the software topic of concurrency, and editing on multiple devices is a form of concurrency (or distributed systems, which is actually more complicated than multi-program systems, which is what multiple main windows is an example of). Finally, I agree with you that current functionality may be (probably is) sufficient for many users. Just hoping EN would be interested in generally expanding functionality over time. Of course they have to make the "call" as to what is a good use of their resources...
  5. I am specifically asking for multiple MAIN windows. I realize multiple note windows can be open at one time. My use case was very clear -- I want one main window to be running TSW or some task management...and another that I can be browsing through my notebooks with. It seems to me you didn't understand my use case.
  6. Yes, I would like multiwindow (on desktop/MS Windows) as well. My use case is to have one window be for Task/ToDo list management, and other open for general notes. I don't buy into the "its too difficult" concern. Modern software engineers (I suspect a few work at Evernote) can handle concurrent programming. I'm sure they know about synchronization of independent processes, critical sections and so on. EverNote already has the granularity required---make it so that a note can be only opened in one window...problem solved (?). They need to be dealing with concurrency issues already anyway because we can use desktop and mobile apps "at the same time"... Best, Larry
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