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  1. That definitely works if the aim is to print an entire page. Thanks, DTLow. I also used an option to pass selected text into a text file and then print it using Automator. However, with this option, all the formatting is lost.
  2. Feature for selecting text in a note and then printing it will be great to have. Additionally/ Alternatively, having the option to provide page numbers in a note will also be good and then one can print specific pages. Thanks!
  3. Hi Folks, As someone involved in academic research, I depend on Evernote heavily for note-taking and keeping detailed records of scientific experiments. I have noted that several times, while I am writing some experimental protocol, I need to use a calculator. I use chrome/ OSX calculator. Wouldn't it be great to have a calculator in the Evernote app? Thanks!
  4. +1 @csihiling. Thanks a ton! This works. On a different note, is this the right forum to suggest changes to the EN team? I see often that many "Gurus" rephrase the question and say that "yeah, this is how it is; live with it." It will be useful to know a place where we can suggest new features etc.
  5. Dear Evernote community, I use Evernote for my research and often annotate images with text, arrows, lines etc. (example attached). Is there a way to change the default fonts and arrowheads in this tool to a more professional looking set of fonts? I also tried Skitch but it seems like it is the same annotation tool as the default one. Please let me know if there already is one. If not, is this something that Evernote can provide in the future updates? TIA, -Saur
  6. Hi, When I select the "view as attachment" option for a file, evernote takes me to the beginning of the note. This is really annoying. Any ideas on how it can be fixed? -Saurus
  7. Gazumped, I still do not understand this whole "The problem with any hard -coded 'export' option is that other users will then want it extended to export to JPG/ DOCX/ PNG formats". Why even give an option to export in html then? Anyways, thank you all for your comments. I installed a pdf printer and have accepted the reality of this situation. Here is the real problem though: in the printing options, I cannot print a selection from that note. Is this too much to ask for? Thank you, -Saur
  8. Hi All, I read several posts about converting evernote notes to pdf. Looks like there are 4-5 free ways and one using cloudHQ for doing this. However, why does it not have something like OneNote (http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/onenote-help/save-as-pdf-HA010064992.aspx) where you can export notes directly to a pdf. I had my entire team almost switch to EN from OneNote except that they need to often send documents to collaborators in pdf format. Any chance that this will be incorporated in future versions? Thanks, -Saur
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