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  1. Add me to the list of people who'd like the option to hide the 'Recent Notes' section. I have no use for it and it gets in the way of how I like to have the sidebar configured, causing unnecessary scrolling and only really adding visual clutter to my nice neat setup. The rest of the app refresh I like a lot though.
  2. I was previously able to change the colour of links between notes from the default green to whatever I like. Now when I try this the text colour changes from green to what I selected, but the underline changes to blue. Links that were styled prior to the v6 update retain their custom colours and underlines, although if I try copying one of these and then using cmd-K to edit the previous link to the new one (in an attempt to circumvent the problem) it appears to work initially, but when the app syncs the text loses the link information and becomes plain text. I always use the 'classic' link format, if that's relevant.
  3. If you are accessing the 'Copy Note Link' feature using the contextual menu (right-click or ctrl-click) just hold down the 'Alt' key too and the menu item will change to 'Copy Classic Note Link' that works in the same way. But I agree, a preference option to change this would be better since I don't think I've ever used the web interface. T.
  4. Cross-posting at the suggestion of JMichael… …please fix.
  5. Recently updated to v6 and noticed that any links I'd put in notes to open a folder or launch an app on my local drive have stopped working. Now a link formatted like this… file:///Users/username/enclosing folder/targeted folder …opens the enclosing folder with the targeted folder selected, whereas previously it would open the targeted folder itself. The same is true if it's an app at the end of the path - I could previously launch apps from a link, now it just opens the Applications folder. This is incredibly annoying and has broken a whole host of workflows I'd had set up — is it a bug or a deliberate change? I've done a bit of poking around these forums but not had much luck with an answer…
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