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  1. Even less working than in the last version. At least then I could use the toolbar button to save notes, now that doesn't work either. The options have appeared in the right-click menu but they don't work either. Latest version of Firefox, Windows 10, tried on both desktop PC and laptop. I have to open the page in Google Plus in order to continue my work. Evernote sent an email recently saying the price was going up… good grief.
  2. As an update to my crashing issue - I do not have the time to investigate this in detail. I have simply disabled the Evernote Webclipper in Firefox 45.0.1 and several hours later I have experienced no more crashes whereas previously it was one an hour or so. I believe it would be much more useful for a developer if I disabled all addons one by one to arrive at a conclusive result. However I do not have the time to carry out tests that would be useful to Evernote - I have simply done what I need to get on with my work. Of course if you are willing to refund my Evernote subscription and compensate me for the inconvenience to date then of course I will do any tests Evernote thinks are required. But for practical purposes I have to rely on Evernote's reputation for creating shoddy apps.
  3. I've disabled it for now. I'll give it a few hours to see if it still crashes, I hope it does because I need Evernote I want to switch it back on
  4. Your post made me think this is probably the reason my up-to-date version of Firefox keeps crashing. I haven't checked anything - it's a bad review for the Evernote plugin when you have to assume any problem with my Firefox programme must be caused by Evernote. I don't have the time to fix it right now, I just re-start and wait for the next crash…
  5. Ah, you know some good addons! I am familiar with CSS so I might check it out sometime. I've disabled all my other addons to see if the evernote options show up in the right-click menu but that makes no difference - but I can live with it. Thanks again.
  6. Yes, that's what I'm missing. I'm using a persona for Firefox, that's probably what you mean by a skin? I'll try disabling addons to see if there's a conflict - I'm sure I've already tried that but not recently. I'll get back to you later.
  7. Hey, Krunoslav, Thanks for getting back to me, sounds like you're as unimpressed as I am. It's surprising for an internet product, you expect them to be more enlightened. The right-click problems are not a deal-breaker for me, it's just unbelievable that they haven't been sorted out since I first mentioned them. Previously when I right-clicked on something to save, the menu showed the evernote options such as 'save article' or 'save selection' - but with the toolbar button back I can get buy without that extra. Thanks for your help!
  8. Thank you, Krunoslav. Your suggestion of installing the addon Configuration Mania worked. I'd previously tried the suggestion from Firefox to use the configuration editor but it didn't work for me. So I have the Evernote icon back on the toolbar. Still no right-click menu access. What concerns me most is that this matter has been ignored by Evernote – I used to think it was a cool brand but it's obviously a charlatan like any other. No doubt in future I will need support for this paid add-on that doesn't work and I definitely won't be waiting for answers from other consumers. Get it right, Evernote, or give people refunds.
  9. Firefox has just been updated to version 43.0.1. It has turned off the webclipper as it says that it has been unsigned by Evernote. Firefox advises me to contact Evernote to get the addon signed in order for it to work. The version of webclipper installed is 6.1. I have previously complained that the right-click functionality stopped working several versions ago. I am currently using Windows 10 but this was also the case on Windows 8. You mention in this thread that there may be a three to five month delay in Firefox approving your changes. It is unacceptable to continue to charge users for a subscription when you know that the functionality doesn't work.
  10. I've attached a list of my addons if you want to investigate a conflict.
  11. Hi, thanks for this but I still have the same problem. Initially when I installed the addon the little red dot on the toolbar icon showed that I had to sign in, and there was a tooltip. But when I clicked I got the usual dialogue to save the page without a form to sign in. I'm on the latest versions of Windows 8 and Firefox. I'm still using the last beta version on my Windows 7 laptop + latest version of Firefox and that works without any problems. So I still have as before a toolbar button that works fine, just no right-click menu. This is not a big problem for me.
  12. Hi, the fix works perfectly on my Windows 7 laptop, latest Firefox. However still no difference on my desktop Windows 8 (latest version) and latest Version of Firefox. So on the desktop it doesn't show the log in screen when I click on the toolbar button. Nothing in the right-click menu when I click on the page. The toolbar button still works when I click on it - i.e. I do get the choices of what to save, etc.
  13. Still got the same problems so I've gone back to the official release. By not being able to sign in all I'm missing is the right-click menu – it's not how I like working but I can still use the toolbar button. I will focus on bigger things Windows 8.1, latest Firefox 38.0.1, latest desktop EN.
  14. That last comment is probably crucial. I checked in my addons and the version I've installed is 6.0.17 beta. A small point – in the Windows instructions you mention a Finder window, this must be the Mac version of an Explorer window.
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