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  1. The webclipper is working great in IE. I love saving stuff. I must be an ehoarder. I guess. I even tried to edit the Wikipedia article on ehoarding, saying it deserved it's own entry. The thing is if I find a great site and it can be taken down at anytime, so I save them if I like them. I am very pleased with Evernote!
  2. Amazingly, I selected the link and right clicked and a submenu did open, that did say, remove, not remove hyperlink, but when I clicked it that link was removed, so problem solved. The feature was there already.
  3. I can manually delete them, but sometimes in the case of a table being used to create the page, you can't delete them without losing some of the text or the photos near it. Maybe if there is a way to select the link, and then click remove hyperlink from a submenu? You can get a virus just from visit a bad link on a windows computer without click on any bad thing like click here to download it. But, most search engines filter out virus loaded sites, so its harder to get from just a basic google search on a topic of interest.
  4. The webclipper is working for me. I had to go back and delete the live weblinks, to save them info, because I don't want to be send to the webpage when I use my notes and it is very easy to do this by accident. In the past, I used Microsoft word to save some webpages I like with the photos, such for an interesting car. I like to save the photos inline with the text, but it makes all the links live. I had an experience in which a very old saved webpage took me back to the site, when the site had been abandoned and taking over by an virus. I would like ideally to keep the photos on my clipping but lose any hot working links or have them all disabled. I just started using evernote today.
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