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  1. Hi Thanks for your response. The note is not there on my desktop. Maybe that doesnt happen on a Mac. Thank you.
  2. Hi I am using Evernote on my Mac (Mavericks), IPhone and iPad (iOS7), as a free user. When I opened Evernote on my mac, it was showing me 2 conflicting versions of the same note, so I deleted one and emptied the trash folder on the Mac. Next time I opened Evernote I couldn't find the other note either. I put my Iphone and iPad on flight mode and opened Evernote, but its not there. I went to the Evernote website and logged in, but can't find that note their either, even in the trash folder. It has been 2 days since I deleted the note. Pls help - that note has data which I do not have access to. Any help will be hugely appreciated.
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