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  1. Just to formerly add one more voice: I'd also love to see a native Linux client from Evernote.
  2. That's a shame in this instance. I'm sure there are both pros & cons to such a strategy. With the greatest respect, this offers no reassurance whatsoever in that neither the thing nor when it will actually arrive are even hinted at let alone stated. ... Looks my best option right now is to just twiddle my thumbs and start wondering if I might be better off with Google Keep on such a device (believe me I'd rather avoid it).
  3. Thanks for the link. Yep - nothing to get excited about in there regarding an offline Chrome app. Surely with Google Keep available as an offline Chrome app, Evernote have their sights on this area? Would anyone from Evernote care to reassure about this?
  4. That page doesn't exist any more so I'm a bit confused. Did Evernote announce offline web app use for Chrome? If so, why has the post been pulled? I'm about to buy my wife a new laptop and this particular point is the knife edge that the decision is balancing on in terms of whether it's going to be a Chromebook or not.
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