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  1. Hello G Barry,

    My en conundrum is: I have a simple text ("note" i think) which I wd like to send as an email. When I touch the send-share (sideways '<' with two dots located at each right hand end of the icon button) and place in mine and others email addresses, I at least do not recieve recieve the sent~shared text and images.







  2. EN IN TABS ~mid 2014 i found and succeeded using. However >50% of EN's brilliance was missing. However i wd really appreciate EN to be easily accessible in tabs. Is EN-in-tabs still do"able? Thanks
  3. Dear Gazumped, I shall try to reduce image size or resolusion. Thanks
  4. Thanks for replying gazed, Within the right-hand-side display area, more than half the display area is simply white/blank. It's is as if some sort of glitch is blocking the complete thumb image from displaying fully.
  5. A have Evernote photo that appears complete in its thumbnail, but within the right hand viewing field, only half the image area is visible. Can a Evernote expert help please? (apologies was not able to send a compressed photo from tablet) Thanks, Paul.
  6. Colours. I like the recent ""tap on x bottom right of phone fablet screen and obtain instant media recording f (x) -- However what I would like to know is -is there any groundswell of interest in being able to retain the elephant logo, but select an alternative to say, the green? Difficulty range if so?
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