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  1. hi all, i have evernote on my 3 devices and am currently using the free app. i am considering upgrading to paid version. i had a AUDIO FILE in a note and i wanted to put it in a different note. i /thought/ i would cut it and then paste it into a new note but once i got into the new note the PASTE did not work. of course i didn't just copy it and then go back and delete it and what i am wondering is if i can RECOVER this audio. i do know that it was not syncing to my laptop or desktop since the audio file was too large to sync using the free app and it was asking if i wanted to upgrade to sync the app (i didn't) and i just checked my laptop and i don't see the audio file in the note on my laptop. any way to recover this? is this a bug in the app - copying but not pasting audios...? THANKS
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