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  1. I'm no power user, but I immediately noticed the the new design for Evernote for Mac desktop was a disappointment. Far to subtle use of grey/white to define your information/nav zones, which makes useability suffer and a strain on your eyes after extended use. If they want to persist with this, at least provide a night mode to ease the eyestrain at night. When did grey and blue become part of the Evernote visual identity? This is a very corporate colour scheme and now looks disturbingly like Microsoft Outlook that I have on my Mac (!) Unless Evernote are is looking to change their visual identity completely, people who use it associate their VI with grey and GREEN, the grey elephant on green, not blue (I think we've had enough of grey/blue color schemes haven't we?). FYI I have uninstalled vs 6 and installed vs 5.7.2 without any issues - I found the download here - http://evernote.findmysoft.com/mac/download/#
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