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  1. Hi community, Although I am rather new to Evernote, I have tried everything I could imagine for solving the following problem and it persists: Sometimes, when saving websites from Firefox using the Web Clipper Add-on (newest updates installed), the respective notes in the Evernote stand-alone program contain a grey spacing which appears to be overlayed onto the website view (since c&p-ing the text underneath works). This viewing bug appears to exist only with some websites, and when the note is viewed online the grey spacing ist gone. Specifically, this site on my machine consistently shows the problem: http://www.envivas.de/internet/envivas/envivas_internet.nsf/contentByKey/RGER-7G4D2F-DE-p I have made screenshots of how it shows within Evernote: http://www.evernote.com/shard/s434/sh/a0a2381f-dd54-4abf-9398-cba156c4f40a/206d9932ce40e58e0620fa5ff0ddab89 Am I missing something or is this a bug? Best regards quirin
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