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  1. I will clip to the web and than sync to the local database, thank you for this! Cheers.
  2. Thanks! A bit weird (most softwares like Outlook and GMail use "Delete"), but once you know... Thanks again, Sylvain.
  3. @Frank.dg Not a big complain, and Evernote is one of my prefered software ever (with Excel, reNamer, WinMerge, calibre and Visual Studio). This product is nearly perfect, I'm just trying to help the guys to make it perfect Cheers. Frank.dg
  4. @Dave-in-Decatur I second you - this is bad design. I'm an early adopter of everything on the web since, well, 1994, and I'm getting catched most of the time when I'm logging on the Evernote website. Cheers. Dave-in-Decatur Dave-in-Decatur
  5. Sorry to be this late, Brian, and thanks for your comment ! I prefer the Windows EN client a lot but I'm very often using a new computer/pĥone/tablet for work. Cheers.
  6. Hello all, I have done some research, but I didn't find a way to add labels to a screen capture using WebClipper. Any hint ? Many thanks in advance ! Sylvain Rodrigue, Paris.
  7. Hello all, I wonder why there's no Delete option in the context menu (right-click) of Evernote for Windows. When I clean up my inbox (every two weeks), I delete many temporary notes. I usually select some of them an than right-click, just to find out -- again -- that there is no Delete option in the context menu.... I can press the Delete key of course, but a Delete option would be SO simple to implement and so useful, I wonder why you didn't do it. All the best, Sylvain, Paris.
  8. Hello Rubenb, Any chance to have this simplified option in the Evernote add-in ? Thanks ! Sylvain.
  9. Every time I go to evernote.com on a new computer, I enter my email and password in the large textboxes and click on the big green button, blindly - and it doesn't work. Because these big textboxes are for newcomers. If you have a paid subscription, you have to read the fine text below and click on the little "Connect" link. And wait for a second page. Most websites (if not all of them) are doing the opposite. Why Evernote don't follow the normal case? I just hate it.
  10. This one for example : http://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/13/sports/russia-doping-sochi-olympics-2014.html?hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&clickSource=story-heading&module=a-lede-package-region&region=top-news&WT.nav=top-news&_r=0 Cheers.
  11. I use EN Web Clipper nearly everyday to save newspaper articles. However, most of them are decorated with useless stock pictures that consume more disk space then the text itself (not to mention my screen estate). I would love to have the possibility to save a "Simplified without pictures" version of these articles. I would use half the disk space every month and you would spend a lot less on storage ! All the best, Sylvain, Paris.
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