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  1. Suddenly I see a problem on synchronization. I wanted to see a note on my phone that I've made a note on my pc. But the poor evernote synchronization blew that note away from my evernote. Have a look at the time sequences. 1. note 0718 created on my pc. 2. manual synchronization on pc. 3. start evernote to see note 0718 on my phone. 4. open note 0717 on phone to remove. ===== here's the problem occurred ===== 5. remove note 0717 start (phone) 5-1. auto synchronization (phone) 5-2. suddenly popped up note 0718 automatically (phone) 5-3. removed note 0718, 0717 ===== note 0718, 0717 has been removed after I pressed "remove" button on note 0717 ==== 6. manual synchronization on pc and they've been gone. I just wanted to remove a note do not need before I see a note wanted to see. It seems like a synchronization bug. Can Evernote DEVELOPERS see this post?
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