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  1. I don't understand your suggestion: the "list tags" is on, as you can see from the screenshot that I posted... the problem is that one of the tags is missing from the list.
  2. After installing this release I noticed that one of my tags doesn't appear on the left side panel... please see image attached.
  3. I find the ability to jump to the note's notebook view essencial to the way I have my notes organized in EN and the way a search through my information. Why is this feature available on the Mac version but not on the Windows version of EN?
  4. Is it possible to automatic select the parent notebook of some note from the results of a search? Let me clarify my question: I have my notes organized in stacks of notebooks. If I'd search in all my notes, say, the word "work" I'd get a list of every note that contains the word "work"; what I would like to do was to select a specific note from the search results list and being able to see the remaining notes that belong to that notebook (as if I had selected that specific notebook from the left pane notebooks)... Is this possible? (Did I make myself clear? Probably not...) pmota
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