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  1. Using a Nexus 7 tablet, I noticed no GPS data is saved with pictures taken within the Evernote app. I am not using Skitch to modify these photos. No problems with photos taken outside the app (standard android camera), that are placed in the DCIM folder. I have had a few problems with the Evernote camera, and it's time to stop using it. You just never know what your going to get (compression), or what changes will come in the next "upgrade" (not acceptable for using at work). I was curious if this is a Nexus 7/Android issue, or if others noticed the same? I really wish Evernote stored a copy of my photo directly to the DCIM folder without modifications (or the option). Thanks for helping me isolate this problem, thanks.
  2. Understood, but for some reason the full size photos were stored there until 4/3/14...not sure why that stopped. The photo's are not stored in my standard DCIM folder with all my stock photos. I've done extensive searching on the device, and I can't find any full size photos from evernote. I guessing I need to start with a full uninstall/install, and go from there. Thanks for your help...
  3. Hey there, I'm using a Nexus 7. It has no SD slot, so I see the photos in Nexus 7/Internal Storage/Pictures/Evernote It was storing a full size image (full size image+thumnail image) also within this file until 4/3/14. Then Evernote just started saving the thumbnail size photos, some as small as 128k. I have no ability to change any settings of the camera in "settings", even though under "camera settings" it lists "moleskin" and "post it notes". I can't make sense of these options, and don't see anything else to adjust. I have no problems taking pics outside the app. I would be thrilled if I'm missing something simple, I have 3 months of thumbnails instead of pictures! Thanks...
  4. I have been using Evernote for years, collecting photos in the field. I noticed recently, Evernote is no longer (also) saving the full size resolution photos within my standard photo album. Instead Evernote saves my photos to another folder, and the quality/resolution is horrible. So all photos I have taken recently are worthless, unless viewed on a small device (500k file size). Am I just having a problem "finding" the full size photos on my Android device? I do not care about the size/quality within the notes, but I need a full resolution photo for future use within other programs. Thanks in advance for any help
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