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  1. I followed your steps exactly - with no success. But I tried to figure out the problem again and for me it seems easy: - I wrote with the pen 90 Degrees to the surfase and the point on the iPad is exactly the point I touced with the tip. - Then I moved the pen down and the smaller the arc gets, the refernece point on the iPad is moving. If I think, that the reference point in the stylus is not in the tip but a little bit higher, than a correction factor would be good - or the stylus should check the position arc and correct it by itself. Btw: The corrections seems only to be necessary in the x
  2. On my computer I would say, the offset seems to me very stable. Is there any rule for the offsets? Maybe it would be enough to ask the user to point on some points on the screen and use this information to recalc the real position dynamically based on the screen position? I changed the pen position but no positionn was ok for me. So do you think it is a softwareproblem? Before the evernote pencilo I owned a passive one and had never a positioning probelm (ok therefor the evernote pen seems to be more precise). Actually the pen is useless for me....
  3. Well I dont have the connection problem in the moment. My biggest problem ist an offset that is driving me crazy when writing. I checked the different hand positions but none of them solved my propblem. What can I do now? Is there a way to recalibrate the pen? Until now I could not really use it (and so I cannot say anything to the battery time ;o))
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