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  1. If this complaint has already been posted and I didn't see it (was reading back as far as 2 years ago), then Evernote... I don't know what to say to you. This bullet point business is a joke. We're talking basic rich text editing functionality here. I know the application isn't necessarily a note-taking app, but a lot of people use it as such and not being able to get bullet points straight is unbelievable. I spend a great deal of time doing the End+Del+Enter trick to get rid of bullets that just magically appear at the bottom of the page that refuse to go away through any other means. Same thing when I need to reduce the level on a bullet because hitting Shift+Tab or Reduce Indent makes the bullet disappear and an extra line to show up... because why not? I don't understand you, Evernote. I just don't. I've got several other complaints about annoying bugs, but this is by far the worst. I'm about to start my search for a more fleshed-out note-taking app because very basic pieces of functionality just don't work and apparently haven't for quite a long time.
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