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  1. Had same issue and came here for answers but during that time discovered a fix (for me anyways) maybe it will help others. Like others, I installed and dragged to menu bar to use and had no effect when clicking. So I went into preferences under extensions, go to the Evernote clipper extension (which says enabled) - disable it, then re-enable it. This actively sends you to the 'What's new Evernote page' and seems to make it work as it should (note: the icon also looks different with a • under the Elephant as well - means its active i think). So I think essentially its just not actually running on installation and needs the manual 'boost' to activate it. Hope this helps! UPDATE: well not so fast - the • indicates you need to set your log in - after I did that it seemed not to work, Disabled then re-enabled again and it seems to work now. just an FYI.
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