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  1. @marianco - this seems like excellent analysis, thank you _very_ much. I can not speak for others (of course), but if your assessment is generally correct, this helps me tremendously. I too can live without Evernote Spotlight but depend tremendously on "share to Evernote" feature. I hope a suitable workaround can be found.
  2. (I think @stamatgeorge means to write "CEO of Evernote.") Anybody have a reference/contact info for the VP of Customer Service/Experience, or a person in a similar role, responsibility, and authority?
  3. These are the minimal things needed out of a minimally-competent customer service in a situation like this: 1) an acknowledgement of the problem/scenario 2) some info (even a tiny bit) about their intentions (fix or not fix, waiting to see if new fixes it, etc etc). However, Evernote is providing neither of these, nor anything else. Thus, the "burying their head in the sand" is simply causing more angst (and sometimes anger) from the user community, or at least from this user. A simple little message like: "We are aware of this problem but do not yet have a timeline for fix; we are focused on a major new release right now" would make all the difference for me, and I suspect many others. This is not hard to do. But Evernote is not doing it. It's a bad, bad look for them. Further, in regards to being an apologist (like gazumped's above msg) for this lack of simple communication: while I suspect it's well intended, this (the rationalization) also aggravates me -- possibly even more than I'm aggravated by Evernote's lack of customer-interfacing on this topic. Evernote hopefully has deep pockets and some maturity. (Hopefully?) Not having someone manage these forums who has this bare minimum competence -- that, frankly, seems _really bad_. It'd be helpful to know who's in charge of customer interfacing for this segment of the business. Can anyone share?
  4. Thanks @gazumped. Given luckman212's and others' apparent experience, I'm demotivated (to submit/engage in official support requests). It seems like Evernote has scaled beyond their ability to support their user base.
  5. This note is particularly useful. Many thanks @luckman212. Other replies here are also helpful, thanks all. Could it be possible that Evernote, as a corporation, is past the point of effectivity for this issue? (Given the above, one might reasonably question their entire support-ticket process in general - which might indicate poor general health of the corporation?) Will there ever be an official response from Evernote on this topic -- from someone with sufficient capability and authority, like a Sr. Engineer, Product Manager, or Vice President?
  6. ...so do we have any support tickets references/numbers/weblinks (ANYTHING) to signify a formal request to and accountability from Evernote? Anyone? (This is my 3rd request on this point. No one has provided any references to such things. Does this mean no one has filed a support ticket, bug, or anything to submit a formal change request to Evernote?) Seems to me without such things Evernote can blow off this forum topic for as long as they want. I'm not sure why everyone is complaining and not making a formal request.... if such things are productive? To be clear: I'm a user experiencing this problem. I want it solved. I want to collaborate on a more-effective way to solve it. If Evernote has a process to solve these kinds a problems (its clear that discussion forum topics are not it), then let's leverage it. Why are we not? Where's gazumped? Back in Sep 2019 he said "If they haven't fixed this within several weeks, I'd be sure they're working very hard to understand why...". It's now Feb 2020. Is that long enough for "several weeks," and if so, can Evernote humor us with an explanation? (I'm getting wordy and repetitive now in interest of motivating many users to coordinate and generate more-effective motion...)
  7. Is there a bug-submission process or webpage? I see this: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005377-How-to-submit-or-track-completion-of-a-bug ...which (maybe?) leads to this: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/categories/200001917-Troubleshooting ...which does not appear to provide a means to submit a bug report. Why is someone (an Evernote representative or general community member) not coordinating a list of formal bug reports for this issue?
  8. Can someone post here (to this web-forum thread) a list of weblinks to more-formal, posted/filed bugs (like to Evernote's formal bug-submission system/website?) or some sort of corrective-action requests (again, weblinks to something like "support tickets") created for this bug/issue/topic?
  9. Are the 4 points below accurate? Symptoms started early July 2019. Evernote acknowledged these symptoms at approx same time (early July). We have a workaround from @Don0819. It's now ~2.5 months later and the symptoms persist. Additionally: These symptoms are severe on my team's systems; they interrupt our meetings, workflow, and presentations several times a day. Everyone in a team meeting groans audibly whenever the dreaded "Evernote quite unexpectedly" window comes up, because they know it's going to popup at least 3 more times during the meeting. It does not seem to matter whether or not Evernote.app is running -- but we're not 100% certain of this, because we are Fujitsu-ScanSnap-scanning all the time and auto-loading Evernote in the process; and thus, if closing Evernote.app _does_ mitigate these symptoms, we keep "forgetting" to close Evernote after every scanned document. Can someone demonstrate to me that Evernote prioritizes this problem enough to fix it? 2.5 months is a long time. The workaround is too cumbersome for my team, and by the sounds of it, the problematic symptoms often (if not consistently?) reoccur after applying the workaround procedure. If no one can concretely demonstrate movement and interest by Evernote to solve this, I'll start seeking an Evernote replacement. My team can not operationally proceed with this behavior. [Our macOS 10.14.6 systems are running Evernote 7.12.]
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