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  1. Jefito and Chirmer, excellent explanation of the differences between notebooks and tags and how they both work. I have spent the last two days converting all of my stacks/notebooks structure to tags. I am still experimenting but so far I have not found anything that I can't do with tags. The only downside I have found is that tags are easier to accidentally delete than notebooks. Jbignert, happy to know evernote is listening. I would suggest that evernote provide a positive indicator in the UI for the notebook limit: A "fuel gauge" showing the number of notebooks used and number remaining, something like a data limit graph. This would make new users aware of the notebook limit and allow them to make informed decisions about notebooks and tags. I will update my progress with the conversion in a few days. Thanks again.
  2. Ok, I did not want to turn this into a discussion...but here we go: If evernote decided at some point during development that we should use tags instead of notebooks, why continue to offer notebooks as a tool for organization (rhetorical question). Starting out in evernote several years ago, I had a choice between using something familiar to me (notebooks) or something un-familiar (tags). Which one do think I (and most users) went with? "Tell what he's won, Bob"... You got it: Notebooks. Many of us are way down inside the notebook rabbit hole and it is going to take many hours of work to get out of it by converting existing notes over to tags one note at a time. As a business owner it is difficult for me to justify investing any more time on something evernote is never going to fix. Are there ANY actual evernote employees listening? I hope my sense of bewilderment and frustration is coming through without seeming rude. I do appreciate the suggestions and help. I am still trying to figure out a less time-consuming work-around, so if any one knows how to add a tag to several thousand notes at once or how to select and export several thousand notes to a new account without losing the organizational structure, I'm all ears. Thanks again.
  3. I've read all this in other topics. Not really looking for advice here. Just trying to see if enough people use notebooks in evernote to justify any of us staying with it. Thanks.
  4. If you have run up against the dreaded "250 Notebooks" limit using Evernote, please post your experience under this topic. Many work-arounds and the reasons why the won't work for many uses have been posted: search "noebook limt". The purpose here is to remind Evernote that this continues to be problem for many users and that we want the notebook limit eliminated.
  5. I am also using evernote to organize notes and files for my rental customers. I just hit the limit also. The business account is also limited to 250 and the archived notebooks are, inconceivably, not searchable. I opened a second premium account but will rapidly reach the limit there as well and how do I know which account I have stored a particular clients notebook in. Tags and saved searches do not work for a variety of reasons. The solution is simple and has been requested by many users: eliminate the notebook limit. This is a last request, of sorts, since I am actively searching for an alternative to evernote: something designed for enterprise. Any possibility that evernote will change soon?
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