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  1. I have the same problem and is something beyond a look&feel issue, and makes that new functionality in something completely unuseful for me: When the mail was dropped as shown in ScreenSnap1, you "physically" added the email file as an attachment to the note. To be more specific, the .eml file was added fully to the note. That means that you can then open the mail in any other device, since the file is "there" everytime From the new stupid functionality shown in ScreenSnap2 the email file itself is no more added to the note but a silly link that points to the original email client that owned the email. The link is only an order to the email client to open the file, but the file is NOT in the note. That means that if you try to open the link in any other device, the mail or the email client is not there, so anybody answer.... completely stupid. I found a workaround dropping the email first to a finder folder and then drag-and-dropping it from finder to the note... but that solution is painful when your basic daily work is based in adding work emails in your notes ... as a premium member a tried to contact evernote support but the only answer I got is that they are too busy to manage all questions.... pretty good guys.... so... here I am waiting for a solution (and meanwhile testing other solutions before my premium subscription ends...). I hope some Evernote guy can read this and find a solution to this annoying issue... Thanks!!
  2. Thanks for the feedback, and +1 for this feature In my case, reminder feature in Evernote is great to my daily work on my Mac. The point is that I use Android app as a platform backup for my notes (to use it in travels, casual access...) and I do not want to be notificated in Android for each reminder fired on current day. cheers!
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