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  1. Ahh I see, thank you everyone!
  2. So I have two questions regarding merging notes: 1. Is there a way for me to choose the order of the merged notes? For example, if I'm merging two notes, (let's call them A and can I somehow have the merged note display the content from B, before the content from A? So just to further clarify, if note A said "Hello!" and note "B" said "Greetings!", how do I get the merged note to say: Greetings! Hello! Instead of: Hello! Greetings! 2. For some reason, whenever I merge two notes, if say it displayed note A's content first and then note B's, the title of note B is in like really gigantic letters, within a blue box. (See attached image) Is there a way to avoid that? (not display note B's title for example)
  3. Ahh I see thank you, I wasn't aware of the selection clipper before. However, to specify what I was asking further, consider the following article: http://www.cracked.com/blog/5-life-hacks-that-can-change-introverts-life/ If I choose to clip the article, there's a little "+1 page" that appears. Is there something I can do, so that I can choose not to clip that second page? Or consider if instead of "+1 page", it was "+3 pages". Can I choose to clip the first and third pages only? I realize that I could just screenshot + crop, and then combine the notes, but is there a simpler way to do this?
  4. So I've noticed that with the Evernote Clipper, if I was to clip an article, it'll clip the entire article for me; but what if I only wanted to clip the first page? Or say the first, third, and 5th pages of an article? Is there any way to do that, without clipping the entire article?
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