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  1. Please add a PDF feature to the Evernote camera. If I scan multiple pages of a document, merge them into a PDF! It's simpler to read.
  2. Sorry, but why is Evernote unusable?! You overexaggerate! Personally, I couldn't work with the dusty, old UI - but with the new "unusable" interface, I can work easily with Evernote AND Yosemite TOGETHER! If you do not like the new OS X Design, downgrade to Mavericks. It is a logical consequence that app developer will fit their apps to the new look and feel of Yosemite ...
  3. I love the new design of Evernote. Finally, Evernote is integrated into Yosemite - great look and feel! Before that, it felt like a foreign body.
  4. Hey, I am a big Evernote-Fan and like the great app on Mac and iOS. I also use Penultimate with my iPad 3 and Jot Script - but to write it is a torture! Penultimates lags and is very slowly - especially if I open a notebook or create a new, the animation is sooo slowly. I tested my Jot Script with GoodNotes and I am jealous. I can only write with my Jot Script (not with my fingers) on the note area. But I can use the menu with my fingers. And: GoodNotes works like a charm - but I can not sync to Evernote. It would be great if you can add the notebook app to the Evernote-App and build a new handwriting-solution from scratch. Can I "speed up" my Penultimate? Or is the iPad 3 too slow?! Thank you for great apps, which I use every day! EDIT: Can you deactivate the multitouch gestures in the Penultimate app? I switch to other apps if I touch the display with my palm - that's very annoying.
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