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  1. A native mind map tool would be amazing with Evernote. Being able to create a mind map, and have it in a note with text around it would be amazing.
  2. Besides a Twitter list, is there a way to find Ambassadors via location? Looking to find one to speak at a convention and speak well on Evernote in Florida.
  3. This is a great idea, and plus I think a way for Evernote to hold a presence on campuses. I'll volunteer to be Univ of South Florida rep.
  4. Nice Blog and Great content about Evernote for College, also you could add a topic about using Webclipper to capture your syllabus if it is on a LMS such as Canvas, Blackboard, or Moodle. This way no need to scrounge through papers, or try to pull up a website when it is easily accessible through the smartphone app.
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