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  1. After re-send the emails (I couldn't earlier because it said I had already invited those friends), only the one to my non-free provider arrived. My friends still don't receive it (Gmail). I created another account with the email that receive the invitation, and after a couple of days, still I haven't earned any point. I've been randomly using the account, writing and deleting things here and there to generate traffic like if it was a real user. Even I connected from a different IP.
  2. I have invited a couple of friends and the email never arrived. It's not in the spam folder either. I thought that maybe it was because their email provider were gmail and outlook, and you didn't allow free providers, so I sent an invitation to myself to an email with a private domain, but it didn't arrive either. So, what's going on?
  3. add another vote to this. That's the only reason I've been using Keep instead of Evernote. It's easier to identify things by background color instead of by tags.
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