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  1. I left premium, not EN at all. I will still use it and return to premium when problems will be solved. As I said before paying for half-working service is not for me. Here are tickets about sync errors: 511711 and 48336 on russian support service. Topic about offline notebook problems on russian forum is in the first message. I cant copy-paste here, dont want to open Firefox, authenticate another time. I can translate to english if required.
  2. Well, happy for you. I understand your job is protect and promote EN interests, but I dont understand the point of your message. So many words with no relation to topic. Would be very good if you help to solve those problems, at least transfer my message to your developers. About "paste" - I admit, its not EN fail, did not know, sorry, just emotions. By the way, position "it works fine for me so there is no problem" is absolutly incorrect and another time shows how EN ignores users. Sadly its popular practice now, but its offtopic.
  3. Just because last form with comment box showed me another "ERROR" during payment cancellation I write it here, maybe someone from EN team read this. =) A lot of bugs and half-working features, ignoring users needs and requests. For further details look at forums. Just few examples:1) "offline" notebook still need high-speed internet connection: https://ru-support.evernote.com/problem/details/id/138653 2) crashing data integrity in bases (look my tickets to support)3) "premium" support does not really helps, just throws links to useless topics on forum, so I need to search solution myself anyway 4) very weak text editor on all clients in comparing with OneNote and GoogleDocs5) a lot of problems with sync (look my tickets and forum) The idea of service is nice and I like it, but implementation and user respect is poor. So I dont see reasons why should I pay for half-working service. I will return to premium with pleasure when at least above problems will be solved. P.S. One more "funny" moment. When I tried to paste this message to the comment editor here in Chrome browser I found Paste function simply does not work. Oh dudes, why your programmers get money?
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