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  1. It would be really nice to be able to 1. Change a PW (or the hint) for selected text. 2. Chose to use the current PW or set a new PW for selected text. I realize there are a couple relatively convoluted ways to accomplish both of these. Thanks, t
  2. Any word yet on when a fix for this will make into a release? My work-around is to close the note after pasting an image, sync from the app, then reopen the note. Thx, t
  3. I would like to be able to assign a note icon such as a question mark, flag, pin, emoticons, etc. that would show up in front of the note title in the list view (e.g. visual tag.) Thanks, t
  4. It would be really nice to be able to use a thumbnail image within a note. I'd like the ability to choose to see or hide pictures in a note. When editing notes with large images, the navigation is tedious, especially on a phone or small tablet. It would be great if one could toggle to see just a thumbnail place holder or the actual image. It would also be good if one could select to view and/or annotate an image that is currently shown as a thumbnail. Would be nice to have this option on all platforms, not just Windows. Not sure if this has been requested before but I was unable to find anything on this topic when I did a search. Thanks, t
  5. This would be a great add to an already great app. Since a Windows+A already does most of the heavy lifting for the app (creating the new topic), the hooks are already there and adding this to the context menu for selected text really should be pretty easy from a coding perspective. Making the selected text a link to the new topic could be more tricky but I'd be really happy to see the added context menu item. Looking forward to seeing this in the future but until then, I'll definetly be getting used to using the KB shortcut!
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