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  1. Thanks for the reply, but I haven't even got as far as publishing anything yet, I just want to sign in. I've decided to use Blogger instead :-S
  2. Help for a newbie! I've just created a postach.io account, and linked it to my Evernote and Dropbox accounts. All well and good. I get the email to confirm my email address, and click on the link. And now I'm going round in a circle: I get directed to http://postach.io/account/finished with the friendly greeting shown below, and get sent another email to confirm my address, etc etc. Simply typing postach.io as the URL doesn't help, I get redirected to the same page. Before I give up in disgust, is there anything obvious that I'm being stupid about? Thank you for signing upYou will receive an email shortly with a link to confirm your account. Thanks again!
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