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  1. I really like the new shortcuts. It reminds me of a WYSIWYG version of Wiki syntax. That will make note taking so much easier. I'm assuming that the image resize widget maxing at the original size is intentional. The image would certainly degrade as it grows beyond that, but I wonder if allowing it to grow beyond the original size would add flexibility for formatting the note. Anyway, this is a great release. Thanks!
  2. @Achim, just an FYI, I've been backing up the databases folder after major changes just in case. It works really well when syncing between 2 PCs if there's a problem.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, I did a lot of research to find the best course. I only mention in case it's something that may be worth investigating, since it happened twice, both after a lot of shuffling around. I hope that's it for me, since I'm done with a major re-organization. Cheers.
  4. Hi, I have EN on two PCs (as well as other devices). I made a lot of changes on one PC, mostly moving notes (200+) from one notebook to another (both synced notebooks, BTW), and then when I went to the other PC later, the sync failed. My changes had sucessfully synced to the cloud as well as 2 android devices, however. The activity log on the PC showed an ObjectNotFoundException in several places. I was able to solve my issue by copying the database from one PC to the other, and then the data was present and a sync worked. But I was hoping this might be a known issue or something, so I doesn't happen again (this is the second time bulk changes caused this issue). I'd be happy to supply information if it will help. Thanks!
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