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  1. Wordsgood: I must sincerely apologise to yourself and to evangelists I have offended by calling useless!! For some reason it did not occur to me that you guys are volunteers. All I saw was an affiliation and then took out my frustrations on you. All of the time, effort and information you guys kindly pass on to us mere mortal technophobes is greatly appreciated and posts like my last one don't help anyone! Fingers crossed that EN manage to sort out some of the obvious issues, as I'm sure it would then be one of the most useful apps around! Thanks ( head in shame smile?)
  2. I joined this forum just to say that this BUG (not just a missing feature) has stopped me from taking up using EN. I have a simple requirement: to be able to copy and paste notes, apply basic formatting and have these available across mac, pc and iphone. That is all. Only being able to view/ edit a few lines of text in a note from a large window due to unchangeable line spacing and poorly laid out wasted space title bars is just pointless. And who has time to shrink down title bars and windows EVERY time? Also discovered the following negatives to EN in my arduous research: - too many steps to open/ save a note - lack of uniformity across platforms - When the web app goes offline, the page disappears, rather than an error saying 'cannot connect' but still allowing editing/ ability to copy and paste somewhere else without losing it all.. such as in an email draft! - useless moderators/ evangelists such as megsaint on page 2 that get their facts wrong and likely do not relay information or attempt to address failures in any way. Seems strange as I was told EN was a user friendly and useful platform for note taking!?
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