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  1. I'm on the mac and I can't really do this. However on both current clipper and webclipper beta 6 you can choose to clip just the URL or clip Bookmark, respectively. I think that's the best flow, however some seem to like IFTTT + Pocket for example or something more fancy with scripts, but I'm not really sure what OS you're on Ok, so.... Yes you are correct. The webclipper add-on for firefox DOES allow me to clip a URL and it automatically puts it into a new note for me. That is what I was looking for. The reason I didn't realize this is because for some reason after I clip the URL on my laptop it does not add it to evernote. Not sure why, haven't figured out why that is yet. Hopefully I can figure out what the malfunction is. On my other PC it works like a charm though. After reading your replies I loaded up my desktop PC and gave it a try and presto just what I was wanting. Appreciate the replies from everyone. Now to figure out why my addon won't add to evernote....
  2. Hello, I use Firefox 99% of the time and Chrome the other times. I have the Webclipper addon for Firefox installed. If there is a URL that I would like to put in a note, or add to my "Bookmark List" I keep in Evernote, I have to highlight the URL in the address bar, open, or click into, Evernote and add the URL to whatever note or create a new note. With the webclipper addon I can highlight whatever text and right click to bring up the context menu, and then just send the text I have highlighted to Evernote or a new note... presto done. However, I do not have a Evernote option with the right-click context menu when I highlight the URL in the address bar. Is there an easy way to just highlight the URL in the address bar and send it to Evernote, whether in a new note, or whatever? Are there any addons that might be of help, or anything that I am missing that could help do what I am wanting to do? Or am I stuck just copy, open, create new note, or find note to add too, and paste? Thanks for any help. Stephen
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