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  1. For me, I am thinking it's usually during the capture and immediately afterward--picture is captured and immediately Evernote says "hey, you'll get a lot better results on that with a contrasting background." HOWEVER, I believe it's getting better! I think I've taken 3 or 4 recent photos that didn't do this anymore! This may be fixed...
  2. This is more of an annoyance than anything else. I love the document camera. I use it all the time. EVERY SINGLE TIME I take a picture of a receipt or any other document, it warns me that for better results I need to use a contrasting background. Heh, give me a break. It's a white piece of paper on a BLACK background. You don't get any more contrasting than that. There are borders around the frame so the black background is a little visible--perfect, super contrast. It does this EVERY time. Has for months. Black background. Very dark brown background. Everything. The Evernote doc cam has no idea what a contrasting background is, would be nice to stop getting nagged about that. (At least the snaps do come out looking fine, no probs there).
  3. True, on the first point that's why I was thinking each widget shortcut could be configured for its purpose--I could have a "receipt cam" shortcut vs. a "other docs" cam or something (not that I'd use the latter personally). Now then, to your point about Moleskine and Post-It. You know...you may be onto something there. I had at first completely disregarded those because I don't want slips of paper--I'm trying to be 100% paperless here. But, fact is, 99.9% of the time I'll have my wallet with me when I get one of these many, silly, paper receipts. What if i just had one Moleskine tag in my wallet that was pre-set to do all my snazzy stuff here? I could just grab it, cam it, put it away. Would that be better than some extra taps? I don't know yet. But worth thinking about! Thanks much.
  4. Haven't seen how to do this, holler if I missed it. I've been relying on Evernote for years but now I want to dig even deeper. I want to use Evernote to capture those silly paper (ugh!) receipts and then toss them. Bingo, Evernote for Android has the "page camera" for photographic documents. It works just fine. Excellently, in fact. Taking pictures of receipts works extremely well. Except.... Except that it's a laborious (relatively speaking, first-world problem here) task of umpteen taps to do it. 1) Tap the Evernote shortcut widget I created on Android to launch doc/page camera (handy so far--goes right to page cam). 2) Tap anywhere on screen to dismiss the silly "Try it! Get started!" welcome splash screen that displays...Every. Single. Time. (At least on new launches). Not sure why I need to be "welcomed" forever. 3) Take a picture--works wondefully. 4) Tap the checkmark icon to finish. OK, not a problem, can live with that, is fast. 5) Now select the "..." button back on the resulting note. 6) Now choose the "receipts" notebook and tap it. 7) Now tap the checkmark icon on the note to finish. Can I live with this? You bet--I still think I'll be moving to exclusive Evernote capture, on my Samsung GS3, of receipts. Love it. But could REALLY love it if it went like this: 1) Tap the Evernote widget shortcut specially created by this new feature. 2) Doc cam launches, no repetitive "welcome! try it!" splash screen, just right to cam, ready to snap a shot. 3) Snap the shot, tap the "checkmark" to conclude image capture. 4) Tap the checkmark back on the resulting note, DONE. That is, the widget was preconfigured to launch a doc cam (receipt cam) with: 1) Notebook already set to "receipts" (my choosing) 2) Cam ready to go, no splash screen repetitive first-time (?) welcome. Seems like this could enable a guy to capture receipts so fast that....um, it'd be super fast. NOTE: I'm not saying I want my "receipts" notebook to be my default notebook on Android for all notes--I do NOT want that. I'm saying a widget could be configured to launch a special doc cam config that will save right into a certain notebook, done, no tapping around required. I could have that right on my Android home screen and wham-bam capture receipt images INTO THE RECEIPTS NOTEBOOK with about 3 taps. Yum?
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