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  1. I just Synched it and IT WORKS!! Again, thanks for all the help.
  2. Thanks for testing that DTLow ... I will continue to type the sentiments in but I am still wondering why I couldn't get the OCR to work? Does it happen automatically when you do a search?
  3. I've ended up typing the sentiment out in the note description but I feel like that's defeating the purpose.
  4. Thanks for the response, Gazumped. The pngs are very good quality -- I've taken a screen cap from the catalogue pdf.
  5. I am using Evernote to inventory my Stampin' Up! stamp collection. I understood from a Youtube video that others have used the OCR feature to recognize text in the pngs I have copy/pasted into the note but when I use Search, nothing comes up unless it is live text or a keyword in the file. I upgraded to Premium thinking it might not be a free feature but still no luck. I'm using Windows desktop app but also tried it on my iPhone. Nope.
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