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  1. Thanks @DTLow and @csihilling. I just have three notebooks Cabinet, Pending and Completed and several tags as described in TSW. As you said the one-to-one task -email are easy. I think what scares me is that the Pending notebook starts growing fast. As I supervise some people some of the email are tag as 6-wait as I need someone else on my team to do something. Usually when I move something to complete for me is done, nothing else to do on that particular email but the project still have things to be done. I will keep trying. I thinks that moving from folders (notebooks) to tags is a mind set change, one single folder is full of stuff the tag filter starts to put some order.
  2. I am trying to implement TSW system. I have a question on how to manipulate emails. This is the scenario: I am in a project that may last several weeks, I receive several email with different subjects related to that project, not all the emails are actionable for me but some other needs that I do something but not exactly what the emails said. For instance, I get an email with a report and then I need to provide feedback and also ask someone to prepare a presentation. How you handled it: - In the case of the email with the report that i use as example. Should I create 2 additional notes for each action or add text to email note in Evernote? - Do you keep all the emails in the "Action Items" notebook until the project is complete? I wonder if you have experience this scenario. Any suggestion is welcome.
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